#ohlauer To everyone who was a victim of police harassment & repression in Kreuzberg

Hello Kreuzberg
Hello residents

To everyone who was a victim of police harassment & repression

during the de facto emergency state, declared and implemented by Internal Affairs Senator Henkel, and the no-go area erected by the police for the residents living around the refugee-school in Ohlauerstraße from June 24th until July 3rd 2014.

It is of urgend necessity to document the terrifying amount of incidents that took place since 24th of June in Kreuzberg, to collect eyewitness records, photos, videos, and memorandums.

What took place in Berlin is probably an, until this point, unknown police-governmental intervention and suspension of basic democratic rights of around 5.000 residents in Kreuzberg.

A foretaste on emergency laws and counter-insurgency?

The people who are politically responsible in the district (Herrmann) and Senate (Kant and Henkel) have to be personally made accountable for their actions.

In order to do so, we want to create a comprehensive documentation and we ask everyone, who participated in these events and who has been affected, to send their eyewitness accounts and experience reports to the resident-initiative in the “Leseglück” bookstore.

The mail address is: email(a)leseglueck-berlin(dot)de

Buchladen Leseglück
10999 Berlin

It is also possible to be put on the mailing list, to participate in discussions and meetings or just personally talk to us inside the Leseglück store.

Kreuzberg stays resistant
Against displacement, rising rents and forced evictions
In solidarity with the refugees

translation: Wedekamp


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